Cohorted Beauty Box December 2017

Hello gorgeous people, we’re back at it again with another Cohorted unboxing, if you haven’t seen my previous unboxing then you can check it out HERE. I will begin by giving you guys a little breakdown of what Cohorted are all about. They are a high-end beauty box curator who have also been voted the [...]


Pet Christmas Gift Guide

Okay, so this post started as a little bit of a joke with myself because I love buying Christmas gifts for my dogs and I love seeing them open their presents. (Yes, I do wrap their presents, they love it.) I originally thought of this post and just assumed everyone would think I was crazy [...]

I’ve Found Photography

I woke up this morning and had the sudden urge to grab my camera and take some pictures of the stunning sunrise, my favourite time of day. A time of day I rarely see because ironically I’m a night owl. I saw how the warm orange and yellow light was breaking through the branches of [...]

The 10 Best Things About Christmas Time

This time is always special for a lot of people, family time is at the top of everyone’s list and then, of course, there are presents. I think I fully appreciate Christmas now I’m older, especially since I have been away from home for 3 years during university and have only just moved back for [...]

Figs and Rouge Primer Review

Like this post? You can pin it 😘 I’d be lying if I told you guys I wasn’t a bit sceptical of this product when I received it in Cohorted’s November Beauty Box. Brightening Primer… I’m a girl who loves herself some Matte Coverage on her skin as I so easily get shiny. So the [...]

Christmas Gift Guide

Love this post? You can pin it! 😘 Christmas is one of the most beautiful but expensive times of the year. Planning can go out of the window and last-minute shoppers charge the stores stressing out and looking for the perfect present. I think my present buying game is usually on point so I thought [...]