Super Easy Breakfast Smoothie

When I say this smoothie recipe is "super easy" I mean it. It's only got a couple of ingredients but it's so yummy and it looks pretty in a glass! Bonus.


My Holiday Beauty Essentials

"Beautiful makeup, starts with beautiful skin" - Shu Uemura I'm going on holiday soon! Yay! Everyone gets excited when they go on holiday don't they? Whether you're going to the Caribbean or staying local there are some things you simply can't miss from your suitcase. Let's start with skin: Body Sun cream (I wear at [...]

Why I Collect Crystals

Not many people know this about me, but I am a very Earth orientated person. I have always loved mother nature, even though she can be reckless and devastating, this is why I think we need to respect our planet. That, however, is for a later blog post. Now, we are talking about my love [...]


Reign, a Not-So-Guilty pleasure. (Review)

WARNING: SPOILERS. If you haven't seen this programme yet (which I suggest you do, like right now) this could give a few spoilers, continue at your own peril.


BakeAway – Ready Made Cookie Dough Review

I absolutely love baking (even the makeup version), everything from a Vanilla Sponge to Millionaire Shortbread so the idea of ready made Cookie Dough mix both excited and annoyed me.