Ciaté Cosmetics Highlighting Blush

Little did I know, Ciate has blushes! I have always thought they only sold nail polish and lipstick, I was wrong. Turns out they have a whole line of other things as well, from eyeshadow palettes to bronzer, and all of the packagings are cute, even better!

Truthfully, I don’t wear blush very often but when I received this blush from the Cohorted Beauty Box I was in awe.

I think the main reason I don’t really wear blush is that I have a really pink undertone, and because of that my face is pink, always. This is just made worse when I actually blush from embarrassment (happens way too often for my liking) and I always thought growing up that a pink/red face was imperfect. Since then I have learnt to love my pink skin, often going without makeup, or at least minimal.

(Please excuse if the pan looks a little worn-down already, I have used this multiple times)

The Packaging

I am a lover of packaging, on my course at university, learning about packaging is one of the most interesting parts of the course I’m not boring I swear. So for me, the packaging is really what sells a product to me (other than if it is good and had great reviews).

Can we take a moment to appreciate the super cute packaging on this blush, the cream acrylic? top makes this packaging look sleek and expensive. The blush retails for £22 so I was expecting a pretty good packaging for that price and I wasn’t disappointed. The product itself is heavy (for a blush) in your hand so it even feels expensive.

The little bow in the centre of the blush is adorable and adds a little cuteness to my otherwise messy makeup routine. In case you can’t tell yet, I’m impressed by this packaging.

Make Me Blush

Anyway, onto the blush, as you can imagine I was a tad nervous using this as not only is it a blush it’s also got illuminating particles in it. I applied my normal amount of makeup, foundation, contour, bronzer and then picked up my big cheek brush and patted it gently in the pan.

Immediately I was suprised. There was a lot of pigment in this little blush pan and this admittedly scared me. I was going out and had been doing my makeup for 30 minutes, I really didn’t have time to be re-doing it.

Applying it is was very easy as it blended really nicely, luckily I didn’t add too much to my face so I could build it up as I wanted. I still like the look of my skin without blush so I won’t be wearing it absolutely every day as I feel I don’t need it but on bad skin days, I can see this being great for illuminating.

Luck would have it the blush really suited my skin, I felt like it brought my face to life and added some colour to my cheeks. The ‘highlighting’ effect is there but it definitely isn’t a blinding highlight as I assumed it would be.

Final Thoughts

I am actually super impressed with this blush, I have tried blushes in the past and just had a really bad time with them, making me look like I’ve rubbed an actual cherry on my cheeks. This blush is actually perfect for me because not only can it be used alongside a highlighter, it can be used on its own to create a super natural look.

So far so good, I might have to invest in more Ciate products!


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