What you’ll hear when you’re a Student (In Fashion)

I don’t know whether I have said this on here before but if you follow me on Instagram (@unilifetravel) then you’ll know I’m also a student. Studying Fashion Promotion, I am working really hard to get myself to where I want to be. This requires long nights in the library, getting frustrated when something I’ve done hasn’t worked and constantly looking for inspiration in everything.

I know this post is going to be majoritively about my experiences in university and not everyone will hear the same or get asked the same questions, it’s all relative. These are simply some things I’ve heard whilst at uni and have finally created some answers to their questions..

Also, I am not bashing anyone who is simply curious about what someone does as a degree, but we can tell when you think our degree is ‘pointless’.

Things you hear as a student:

  • Why didn’t you just go into a job? (Well, I would have but it is very difficult to get a job in my field without a degree.)
  • Why would you want to get yourself in so much debt? (I didn’t want to be over £50,000 in debt but that’s the reality nowadays.)
  • It can’t be hard, you just read off of power points! (Studying is extremely time-consuming and challenging. ‘power points’ will only give you so much information, you need to go and look for it yourself, a lot of courses are self-guided learning with your tutor mainly being there for support)
  • You’re not going to be paid £50,000 straight out of uni. (We know this, we accept this, we just want an education.)


Things you hear as a fashion student:

  • So what are the job prospects of doing fashion? (Usually, people ask me this question before they even know what type of Fashion degree I am studying.)
  • What’s Fashion Promotion? (This is an extremely broad question, with an even broader answer, fashion promotion is everything you see related to fashion, from catwalks to a carrier bag with a brands name on it… It’s broad.)
  • After leaving uni you’re just going to work in retail so what’s the point? (Please just don’t say this to anyone.)
  • So what do you actually do? (Many, many things my friend)
  • Oh, can you just fix/make/alter something for me. (That’s kind of like asking an accountant friend to just “do my taxes” you don’t do it unless you’re willing to pay them.)
  • Fashion Promotion, so that means you look at issues of Vogue all day? (Whilst that would be the dream world, it’s not reality.)
  • Fashion is super easy, right? (No creative course is ever “easy” you are required to think outside of the box every single day.) (No course at uni is easy.)
  • What do you mean your internship is unpaid? (Apprenticeships are paid learning, internships do not require the person hiring you to pay you anything. Although a lot of companies will pay expenses e.g. Travel, work trips, occasional lunch. Whilst this could put some people off, interning is such an amazing way to get your name out there, and to gain experience.)
  • It’s a bit of a pointless degree don’t you think? (Unless the entire world starts walking around butt naked, then no it isn’t pointless.)
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Hopefully in a corner office with a fantastic view of a major city. Yano, simple things.)

I know not everyone is going to love the fact you’ve been to university, but keep your head up doll and don’t let anyone put you down. My response to anyone who ever questions me about my choices is “Think of it as a life promotion”

To anyone who’s thinking of going to university, just do it. As long as you’ve thought it through and your degree is exactly what you want to do, and it will help you get your dream job, go for it! Don’t let anyone try and tell you that what you’re doing isn’t useful or that you could do a better degree, do what makes you happy (within reason, you’ve also got to pay your bills remember).

Keep smiling my lovelies!

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10 thoughts on “What you’ll hear when you’re a Student (In Fashion)

    1. Awwhhh I hope he gets off to a great start! Uni is definitely an experience but it’s one you’ll always thank! It’s taught me to be more responsible and independent. He’ll have a great time!


      1. Oh that’s fab! Yeah I had to take a lot of responsibility when I first lived away from home but now I love it, I suggest getting him a easy cook book to follow haha


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