Freedom Cosmetics Brow Pomade

I’ve recently decided that my eyebrows need a little love, I try not to get them waxed or threaded too often as I quite like the natural volume my brows have. They do get a trim otherwise, they end up looking like an untamed version of Zachary Quinto’s brows. Even though I have medium thickness brows, they have small patches that are completely blonde hairs and some that are quite sparse.

For this reason I went to Superdrug and had a look around, originally I had gone in looking for a new eyeliner and of course, I ended up buying 3 things. These were on a super 3 for 2 offer so you can imagine my excitement and my bank accounts regret.

Anyway, onto the product. I had a look around and spotted this, I see other beauty bloggers absolutely raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and thought to myself… could this be a dupe? So I picked it up in the shade ‘Blonde’. This product cost me £5 which is £10 lower than the ABH brow pomade. Since I have never filled in my brows fully I thought it best to test the water with a cheaper pomade first.

Giving my angled brush a dip in the product I went ahead and started to create my dream brows. The product goes on really smoothly (it’s the super creamy texture I LOVE) and creates a nice line. I have found the colour of the pomade matches my brows almost perfectly so this is a good start. (If you do in fact have super pale eyebrows this might not work for you but it’s worth trying for the price.)

I filled out the end of my brows and lightly patted the product on the inner part of my brow to create a faded brow effect. (I believe people call it the InstaBaddie brow, but hey I’m no InstaBaddie)

My first impressions of this product are good, I’m going to see how long it stays fresh in the pot but the wear test I did for my own amusement showed good results. I tried smudging it, I poured water on my brows and despite the fact I hadn’t set it or put any brow gel on that day it held up pretty well.

Overall I’m impressed at first with the brow pomade and will continue to use it as I love the look it gives my brows.


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