Take Me There

In my life, I’m lucky enough to have seen beautiful places and I’ve lived near to some lovely cities. All in all my urge to travel has never been stronger and I can’t wait to save up for these getaways.

Top Ten Places I Want to Visit:


Who doesn’t want to visit the Bahamas? The gorgeous beaches and the relaxing scenery makes this one place I just want to take a good book and some music.


I’ve been to Singapore before when I was younger, I had to go where my mum and dad wanted to go and also it was for a family members wedding. The place was absolutely gorgeous and just something completely interesting and definitely on my wish list.


My dream time to go to Hawaii would be during December, it wouldn’t be as hot but it’s when whales come near the coastline and you’re able to see them up close and personal. Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii was one of the main things that made this seem like the perfect place to visit.


Even though I’m from England I haven’t been to London more than 3 times in my life. Mainly because just getting there is ridiculously expensive if you’re getting a train. I want to find an excuse to go down very soon.


Whilst I have been John O’ Groats which is obviously the tip of the country. I have never been into Edinburgh, which is somewhere I would love to visit as I know it is full of rich history and places to go. I’m a sucker for museums and creepy attractions like “London Dungeons” and Edinburgh is full of these.


In my foundation year at university, I had the pleasure of making friends with quite a few Irish folk. Apart from the fact that one of my favourite TV shows has scenes filmed in Ireland the beautiful landscape is enough to make anyone want to visit.


I really want to travel here to try out some traditional Jamaican street food. The hot weather is a deciding factor as well.


I mean there’s a chance I could meet a good looking pirate right? All jokes aside, the Caribbean is known a for its gorgeous waters and its tropical sands. Another place for the wish list.

New York

Anybody who’s anybody in Fashion has been to New York at some point. I want to visit here to shop like all the stars.


$1 pizza, amazing doughnuts and rainbow bagels… what else could you possibly want?

Let me know if there are any places you guys have really wanted to visit!


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