10 Things I Love About Cornwall

No matter where I go on holiday, my heart always comes back to Cornwall, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. I’ve been lucky enough to visit places from Singapore to Puerto Pollensa in Spain, and these places are truly gorgeous. Sadly, nothing compares to the picturesque towns and streets in Cornwall. [...]


Autumn Staycation Essentials

When I go on a Staycation in the UK it’s always a different mixture of things than if I were to go abroad, take a look at what I plan on taking with me!

Why travelling​ doesn’t have to mean ‘Seeing the World’

I am a firm believer that everyone should get out of the place they live at least once in their life. I don't believe that that place has to be 500 miles away, or so far that you have to save up for more than a year just to go. Yes, travelling to new and [...]


The Yorkshire Soap co. – Finding Bubbles

Finding the Store Travelling into Leeds city centre I walked up the inside of the Trinity Shopping Centre and through to a walkway with rows of shops either side. Naturally when I saw bubbles coming out of a window and a gorgeous pale pink sign and I just had to go in! I mean who [...]


Take Me There

In my life, I'm lucky enough to have seen beautiful places and I've lived near to some lovely cities. All in all my urge to travel has never been stronger and I can't wait to save up for these getaways. Top Ten Places I Want to Visit: Bahamas Who doesn't want to visit the Bahamas? [...]


The Travel Tag

This is going to be my travel tag, no one has actually nominated me to do this I just thought it could be a really great way to get some more about my travels out into the open. I absolutely love travelling, but not necessarily the typical 'holiday', I have always loved walking and exploring [...]


Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

This museum is the largest of its kind in the world. Visitors from all walks of life come to see this strange collection of Witchcraft ornaments, trinkets and creepy poppets. I have visited this museum many times before from a relatively young age, I always loved to learn and expand my knowledge on different things [...]